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Bistek (Beef Steak)

Updated: Jul 5, 2019

This dish is a favorite anywhere in the Philippines and it can be a great comfort food when you are homesick. It is great for to bring to work as baon and is also great for any time of day. It's a salty and sour dish and its main component are beef, kalamansi (Philippine Lime), and soy sauce. It can be difficult to get the exact taste of home when you don't have Kalamansi. Some people substitute it with lime or vinegar, but I especially like it with Kalamansi. Since the actual fruit is rarely available in Seattle, I tend to buy the concentrated juice. If I'm really desperate, I would use lime, but would usually end up feeling disappointed.This dish is rice friendly, so make sure to make rice for your ulam!


2 Pounds Beef Steak Meat (preferably rib eye cause it has great marbling)

1/2 to 3/4 cup soy sauce (Add to taste)

1/2 cup Kalamansi Juice

1 Whole Garlic crushed

1 medium sized onion (preferably red)

or 3 shallots

1 tbsp peppercorn crushed

1 to 2 tbsp of crushed black or white pepper (to taste)


Marinate the thinly sliced beef in the Kalamansi Juice. Leave it to marinate in the fridge for 15 to 30 minutes

Cut the Onions. Separate the bigger rings with the smaller ones. Dice the smaller rings and set aside the bigger rings for later.

Crush the garlic and use a wok to

Saute until slightly golden brown. Then add the diced onions.Once the onions are cooked, add the sliced beef to saute but save the juice.Once the beef has browned add in the juice, the crushed peppercorn, and the soy sauce.

Cover your wok. Let the meat simmer. Lower the flame when needed.

Once the juices have simmered. Taste the meat.

Add soy sauce, pepper, or Kalamansi Juice accordingly. You don't want it too sour or too salty. It isn't traditionally a spicy dish, mind your pepper.Add the onion rings but don't cook thoroughly. Half cooked onions go better as the topping.

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